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Adminisrtarion Staff



Professor: Dr. Wen-Yen Kwan

Education: Master’s in Physical Education,

National Taiwan Sport University

Specialty: Sport Facilities Operation and Management, Administration of Physical Education, Sport Events Management, Public Relations in Sports, Baseball, and Softball.

OfficeAdministration Building Room 421

Extension: 6801

E-MAIL: kwan@utaipei.edu.tw

Professor: Dr. Lu-Luan Pi

Education: Ed.D. in Sport Management, United States Sports Academy, U.S.A.

Specialty: Management of Recreational Sports, Marketing on Recreational Sports, Management of Non-profit Organization and Volunteers, Recreational Sports, Management of P.E. Volunteers, Study on Recreational Sports, Event Organization and Marketing, Jogging, Yoga, Service Learning.

Office: Administration Building Room 824

Extension: 8240

E-MAIL: peggy@utaipei.edu.tw

Professor: Dr. Ding-Ching Chang

Education: Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership, University of the Incarnate Word, U.S.A.

Specialty: Organizational Leadership, Sports Management, Basketball, Swimming, Tai-chi, Martial Arts, Squash, Wood Ball, Water, Water Sports (e.g. life guard)

Office: Administration Building Room 835

Extension: 8351

E-MAIL: scott@utaipei.edu.tw

Professor: Dr. Wen-Nuan, Kara, Cheng

Education: Psy.D. in Sports Psychology,

 University of Wales, U.K.

Specialty: Psychology, Sports Psychology, Psychological Counseling, Stress Management, Health Psychology

Office: Administration Building Room 727

Extension: 7272

E-MAIL: kara_cheng@yahoo.com

Associate Professor: Dr. Li-Ching ,Lee

Education: Ph.D. in Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Taiwan Normal University

Specialty: Design of Physical Fitness Activity, Exercise and Health Management, Design of Physical Activity for Kindergarten, Aerobic Exercise, Aquatic Fitness, Physical Fitness, Exercise Psychology, Exercise Instruction for Special Populations

Office: Room 408, Shih-Hsin Venue

Extension: 4112

E-MAIL: melodytpec@yahoo.com.tw


Professor: Dr. Yu-Lin, Jackie, Shao

Education: Ph.D. in Sports Management,

 The Ohio State University, U.S.A.

Specialty: Sport Marketing, Sport Management, Sport Consumer Behavior

Office: Administration Building Room 830

Extension: 8300

E-MAIL: jackieshao@utaipei.edu.tw

Associate Professor: Dr. Ching-Ren Chiu

Education: Ph.D. in the Department of Business Administration, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Research Interests: Research Methods, Statistical analysis, Financial Management

Office: C818, 8th Floor, Administration Building

Extension: +886-2-28718288 ext 8182

E-MAIL: echiu@utaipei.edu.tw

Assistant Professor: Dr. Chih-Hen, Chang

Education: Ph.D. in Graduate Institute of Sports Training(Sports Administration Division), University of Taipei

Specialty: Sports Administration and Management, Recreation Tourism Industry Analysis

Office: Administration Building Room 421

Extension: 6805

E-MAIL: goodmanroger520@yahoo.com.tw



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